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CEO of Lash eXtend - Netherlands

vvone van Wieren

Yvonne van Wieren, CEO & Founder Lash eXtend.
Since her childhood Yvonne has taken an interest in make-up and beauty. Back in 2010 she experienced first-hand how it felt to get a new set of eyelash extensions. She instantly knew she wanted to offer this feeling to many more women and the idea of starting a company sell and distribute quality eyelash products was born.
Several years of meticulous planning, getting trained by some big names in the industry, finding the best suppliers, creating a product line and a well thought out brand image, the webshop was made and Lash eXtend was officially founded. The company went live on January 1st, 2013, in the middle of the financial crisis, but nothing could stop her. She assembled a small team of dedicated people who were teaming up with her and from there on the company experienced a steep and steady growth.
In the meantime, Lash eXtend has 3 business divisions. The wholesale division, The training & Education and The competition grade salon, where the Lash eXtend trainers improve their knowledge and skills and practice to take part in international battles.
After organizing the highly anticipated and successful Lash Conference 2015 and a second edition in 2016, Yvonne took on the self-imposed challenge in 2017 to organize the Lash World Cup 2018 in Amsterdam. In the meantime, the eyelash extensions business has been expanding steadily and is here to stay, for a big part thanks to the lash eXtend brand. Lash eXtend as a company is still expanding its activities rapidly to a multitude of countries and has become an industry leader by innovating and inspiring lots of people to pursue a career in the beauty industry.
Currently Yvonne is managing the company and its marketing campaigns and runs operations together with 20 colleagues and regularly acts as international judge during international competitions around the world.

Natalia Lova

Founder and CEO of Lova Lash&Brow Salons Network​ - United States

Founder and CEO of Lova Lash&Brow Salons Network

Owner of "Lova" brand Lash Products.

Author of "Capping Method" Lash Extensions Technique

Master trainer in Lova Lash&Brow Academy in Florida.

International Judge and Speaker of Lash Championship and Conferences.

Author of articles in Lash Global Magazine.

L    evi S  hephard


Levi Shephard has dedicated her entire career to supporting lash artists and educators around the world. Levi is a key contributor to the advancement of the lash trade and will continue to hold a strong presence in the industry for decades to come.


“I love the lash industry and feel truly blessed to be a part of it. I look forward to what the future has to hold for us, and I am honoured to play a role in the growth and evolution of the professional lash trade.”


Over the years Levi has gained experience in many aspects of business; successful lash artist, lash extensions educator, lash and brow studio owner, professional product developer, magazine columnist, founder of an accredited training academy, international stage presenter, author of business-building ebooks, creator of an international industry awards program, and founder of an international association. Her focus on industry standards, business integrity and global consistency inspired the launch of NALA in 2016.


Levi encourages all lash artists to maintain strict standards for themselves and their services. “Never leave any room for doubt. Consistency, integrity, and safe practice - every single day - no exceptions.”

Levi at desk_edited_edited.png
H  anna B  abanakava

CEO of Angel Wing​ - Canada

Owner and CEO of Angel Wings® studio, academy and supplies
– Founder at Lash Global™ magazine
– Multiple International champion in eyelash extension
– International judge, sponsor, speaker
– International trainer and creator of unique training courses, online coach
– Nominated for Most inspirational industry influencer
– Organizer of international Lash Global Event – Championship, Conference, Workshops, Montreal, Canada
– Organizer of international online lash competition CatFight, that often has unusual tasks for participants
– Inventor of “Twin” volume and “Chess” separation techniques
– Lash blogger, video blogger, publicist
Hanna started business in 2013 in Grodno (Belarus), received training in different areas of beauty but Lash making is her real passion.
Her vocation as a teacher is providing the strongest and unique theoretical and practical base with continuous support after the course and raising the next generation of top quality lash artists, lash champions and brilliant trainers. Just in one year she mentored a few championship prize winners from juniors and often provides advanced knowledge to practicing trainers!
Angel Wings provides top quality eyelash extension services, global supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. They are proud of their responsible approach, high standards and an outstanding client care. They passionately love what they do and want to share this love and passion with other lash artists!

CEO of I AM Lash​ - United Kingdom

Arune Mooney

Arune Mooney, a focused, professional, perfectionist. 

She began her career in 2014, has trained, and continues to train with some of the most talented Eyelash Masters around the World, constantly improving her skills. She opened the I AM Lash Academy at the beginning of 2019, and now as an educator herself is proud to pass on her experience and knowledge to others.


Currently ranked number one Classic Specialist in the World according to Les Victoires du Regard rankings, World Champion 2019. These are amazing achievements, given that she didn't enter her first competition until Lash Battle in Glasgow August 2018, where she took two first places in the expert category. The success didn’t stop there. She has entered a few more competitions since, and has achieved over ten awards in just one year.


Over the last few years she has developed the 'I AM Lash’ brand, which is proudly growing each day. 


In addition, she is extremely proud to have been invited to judge in several prestigious competitions, including the forthcoming World Championships in Paris.


She is at the top in her chosen profession, and her philosophy is that this is not a job, it's a lifestyle, and to be at the top, you have to love it, live it and breathe it.


Educator of Volume Lashes Co - United States

Kei is licensed esthetician and permanent artist who has more than 10 years experience in lash & PMU industry. She has numerous certifications in lashes, PMU, and Microblading and her passion was to always keep improving her skills . She moved to US and she found her passion in volume lashes when TB taught her different textures and techniques for volume lashes. She became the lead lash artist in TB's salon and TB started training Kei for competitions. She won 2 awards from her first competition and won 3 awards from her second competition.

Lash Global 2019  

3-5D 2nd Place

Judge's Choice


International Lash Competition in USA 2019 

Master classic 1st place 

Master 2-3D 2nd place 

Master 4-6D 2nd place

K    ei

Ellie is a licensed cosmetologist in the United States and Japan who has more than 10 years of experience as a lash artist and hair stylist.

She moved to the states in a hope of improving her skills as a lash artist and that's when she met TB Kim. She was inspired to learn volume lashes in depth and started to be interested in competing. 

She is certified in classic to volume to mega volume and lash lift. She has trained with award-winning expert lash technicians in the US and Japan. 

Because of her extraordinary talent, she's selected by TB to be trained for international competition and she won 1st place in Classic and 3rd place in 3-4D Volume at her first ever attended competition "Royal Canadian Lash Championship in 2019".  

Educator of Volume Lashes Co - United States

E  llie
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