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Below are the links to categories where you can upload your entries to. Please, just select the categories you bought and disregard the other links to avoid sending it on a wrong form.

But before that, be mindful of the photo angles that are required per category.

You may check this LINK for the angle requirements before submitting your photos.

You should also check the RULES in filling up this form and sending your photos for a hassle-free entry. Please strictly follow the rules, not following the rules may lead to disqualification.

If you think you’re ready, you can now start submitting your entries! Just click the category you purchased, fill up the form and click ‘submit’.

Google formsArtboard 1.jpg
Google formsArtboard 1 copy.jpg
Google formsArtboard 1 copy 2.jpg
Google formsArtboard 1 copy 3.jpg
Google formsArtboard 1 copy 6.jpg
Google formsArtboard 1 copy 5.jpg
Google formsArtboard 1 copy 4.jpg
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